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A reason to go

A reason to go

It is a never-ending search
And if the quest does come to a halt
There must be a reason
A reason, an answer to be found
And that, my dear, that is the start
Of a new search

But trust me, I am afraid
Scared to death that one day
I will have to say “this is it”

I don’t want it to be
I long for a might
A maybe, a perhaps
A reason to search, listen, feel, taste, wonder

A reason to go…

That said, he grabbed his old leather suitcase and took off. On a try to satisfy his boundless need for changing scenes. An impulse junkie. A crusade to cope with the hunger for all that is different. A pilgrimage, looking for those who not only see the world. For those who feel it, live it, change it. For those who are.


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